Video of an engraved slate house sign

V-grooved house sign in slate with white paint inlay. The font is called Rondalo which is a very modern rounded style of font. The signs are deeply engraved with our v-carving cnc cutter

Videos of slate engraved house sign with a vertical separator

Our customer asked us to create an engraved slate house plaque  in one line of text with a vertical separator line between the house number and the house name. We have never done one like this before but it looks quite contemporary in style. Perhaps we will offer this separator as an option on all our house signs. What do you think?

Bespoke size slate house signs

We can make our slate house signs in bespoke sizes. The example showing here is a 270mm wide by 100mm high slate signs. It was cut down in length from our standard 300mm by 100mm slate house plaque. We charge for the nearest size up for any bespoke sized signs and we can cut them to the mm. Therefore if you need to fit a sign within a short width or deeper area to cover unsightly marks on brickwork we can probably help. We make these signs up to 500mm wide and 300mm deep.


We don’t engrave bold lettering

Some customer ask why we don’t offer Tiffany Bold font or other bold fonts on our V-carved engraved slate or white house signs. The sketch below should give a good indication why bold text is not available. The v groove  in the top example number 1 is an average sized engraving on and average sized house sign – it will go up to 5mm deep into the slate.  2 is an engraving for a larger text up to 75mm tall lettering and engraved up to 6.5 mm deep.  The bottom example is what would happen if the v groove is too wide – it would weaken the slate if the font is too fat or if the text is too large. We don’t want that to happen therefore we do not offer bold fonts or very large number or text over 75mm tall on these engraved signs. The maximum height we can engrave any text or number is 75mm, any larger and it would weaken the slate by being too deep.


New House Signs Range- white engraved signs

here is a collage of some of the new range of white engraved house signs. These signs are made from a high quality  solid surface material which will last outdoors for several decades with no maintenance The house names and house numbers are v-groove engraved ( same as our engraved slate house signs) . The house numbers or house names can be inlaid with several colour inlays offered. The sizes will be the same as offered in our slate house signs range. The white background is a great match with UPVC porches and doors


House signs with directional arrows

Here is an example of a rectangular reflective house number signs with further text and a directional arrow. It signifies the house number 135 and where to walk to get to Flat A. We can make all kinds of different directional house signs with various kinds or arrows to help visitors find the front door easily. This particular sign has reflective text giving better visibility at nights when a light is shined on it from a distance. As you can see the house plaque looks quite normal in daylight.


A comparison of slate sign colour inlays

We thought it might be a good idea if we put 3 house slate signs together on the same photo so our site visitors can compare which inlay colour stands out most against the others. Our verdict is white text inlay stands out best, then gold and silver stands out the least. Therefore if you want an engraved slate sign that stand our for easy reading, choose a white paint inlay.


Comparing the difference of our V-grooved engraved signs with sandblasted signs or laser engraved

Many website visitors call us to ask what exactly is the difference between our V-Grooved (also known as V-Carved or V-cut) slate house signs and white V-carved range of signs and the sandblasted or laser engraved slate signs offered by many of our competitors


Laser engraving is done by a high power laser focusing on the face a the slate sign. This burns the slate and changes the colour of the slate to off white which contrasts against the darker slate but it is just a shallow marking and can’t be successfully colour inlaid. When the engraving gets wet in the rain outdoors the laser engraving can just disappear!

Sandblasted signs are made by sticking down a rubber stencil onto the face of the plaque and spraying grit at high pressure through the stencil. This erodes away the slate inside the stencilled parts– A pretty quick way of creating a reasonable engraved text in the stone and it can be colour inlaid. Sandblasted slate has a shallow flattened engraving and the flattened area also has a slightly ‘bumpy’ surface

Our engraving method is by using a CNC router which is spinning a ‘V’ shaped router bit at high speed to engrave deeply into the sign. This method takes longer but the result is much crisper lettering with a much deeper cut and smoother lines in the text. We think this is the ultimate in stone engraving methods.

Did you Know? V-carving text into stone has been around for thousands of years. It  was used by the Romans and Greeks and other ancient civilizations with great success and the inscriptions can still be seen and read today – they used a V shaped chisel and mallet to engrave their lettering text by hand. Through the years V grooved text became popular in the UK for memorials, commemorative plaques and house name and number plaques.

What inlay colour stands out best for slate signs?

Many people ask us which is the best colour paint inlay to choose for good visibility on our engraved slate house signs. We always suggest white as it gives the best contrast against the slate. Second best for most readably is gold and third and last is silver. Compare the image below, I am sure you agree . The silver tends to blend in with the grey slate and contrasts the least. Gold does stand out against the slate but it simply does not stand out compared with white lettering on a slate house sign.